Whole House Remodeling

Northbay remodeling specializes in Home remodeling and repairs. In 2017, we completed more than 12 whole house remodels that included more than 14 bathroom remodels, 12 kitchen remodels, 5 acoustic removals, 12 full interior and exterior paints, 3 water heaters, 2 new furnaces and more than 5000sqft of laminate flooring as well as a lot of exterior dry rot repairs, recessed lighting, and electrical fixtures.

An average timeframe for a basic whole house remodeling project for us is 6-8 weeks. For a more complex remodel we have taken up to 3 months in the past. As you can tell, whole house remodeling is the majority of our business.

Whole house remodeling is a cost effective way to have your house completely redone after purchase or prior to being sold because it allows a single, experienced contractor to come in and oversee the entire process from start to finish. We select the most efficient methods and sequences, complete quality control, and ensure a great overall flow of the project meanwhile taking out the hassle of finding multiple quality specialty contractors – who may or may not be trustworthy or skilled.